Kvaszinger Winery

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About Us

Our family has been in the viticulture and winemaking business in the Tokaj-Hegyalja wine region for several generations. The Kvaszinger family arrived in the region from the former Prussian Empire around the early 1800s. As his steward, the first Kvaszinger who moved to the Meszes manor on the outskirts of Olaszliszka settlement was responsible for managing Baron Vay’s vineyard. He was the one who purchased the Hatalos slope – origin of the grapes for our highest-quality wines – which has been the backbone plantation of the family estate ever since. To date viticulture and winemaking play a significant role in the life of the Kvaszinger family. It’s now up to László Kvaszinger and his two sons, György and László Jr., to carry on the family baton.


The Guesthouse

Our guesthouse is perfect for families and groups of friends. The winery’s guesthouse in Olaszliszka is located on a quiet street also directly on the bank of the Bodrog River. The building itself is a refurbished old farmhouse, with two rooms (3 and 4 beds respectively), two bathrooms, one community area and a kitchen. With its fireplace, the spacious courtyard of the house offers perfect opportunity for cooking or barbecues. The prepared meals can be served under a cozy grape arbor accompanied by pleasurable Tokaji wines. Since the accommodation is located directly on the river bank, it is possible to go fishing, take a swim or even go rowing and canoeing on the calm river. Due to the proximity of the Zemplén Mountains, our guests can also go on hiking trips. And since all our facilities are located on the Bodrog Bank, all relaxing activities like fishing, wine drinking and enjoying the beauty of the river bank can be experienced at the same time.



Today our family manages more than 5 acres of land. The main grape variety is the Furmint grown on the Hatalos slope. The Hatalos slope, where the largest contiguous area of our family estate can be located, is ideal to produce high quality wines due to its excellent terroir, steep south-east inclination and its mineral-rich soil. In addition to the Furmint on a smaller portion of the estate we also grow Hárslevelű and Zéta – both Hungarian bred white wine grape varieties – and we harvest our recently planted Yellow Muscat (Sárgamuskotály) on the Meszes slope. The center of the winery is our family home in Olaszliszka where our wine cellar is also located. Here, after the gentle processing of the grapes, the mash is mostly fermented and ripened in oak barrels, then bottled. Our business can be characterized as craft winemaking since our wines are produced in limited quantities and by using conventional methods. We are striving for excellent quality, as it is very important to us that our wines are reasonably priced but belong to the unique, high quality category rather than among the cheap mass-production wines. On demand we are more than happy to organize cellar visits and wine tastings all year long in our wine cellar or at our wine tasting facility located on the bank of the Bodrog River specifically designed for these purposes. In case of prior request we also gladly serve snacks during wine tastings.


László Kvaszinger / +36 20 /291-71-86 / kvaszinger.laszlo@gmail.com

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