The Kvaszinger family has worked with viticulture and winemaking here in the Tokaj Wine Region for generations. Our ancestors came to Hungary – from the area of former Prussia – at the beginning of 19th century. The first Kvaszinger who moved to Tokaj Wine Region, lived in Meszes Estate, Olaszliszka. The steward  of Baron Vay, he also managed his vineyards. He bought Hatalos Vineyard, which is today is the prime land too, has given us great wine since then.

László Kvaszinger Jr is continuing the family tradition. He manages the family business in Olaszliszka and makes great Tokaji wines.

Our family estate is over 8.5 hectares and we make some 40 000 every year. Our main variety is Furmint, but we also have Sárgamuskotály and Hárslevelű plantations.