Meszes Yellow Muscat 2013

Plantation: We harvest our Yellow Muscat on the outskirts of Olaszliszka settlement, at the steeply inclining Meszes slope facing the south with calcareous clay soil. Plantation size: 1,2 ha. Date of planting: 2009. Canopy management: mid-high “Guyot”, 2,4-meter row distance, and 1,2-meter spacing between vines.

Winemaking-ripening: To preserve the value of the high quality grapes our wine is produced by using conventional methods. In case of our Yellow Muscat wine the harvest takes place in late September. The grapes are handpicked into small bins, the berries are crushed and destemmed, then the mash is ret for 6 hours. After gentle pressing, the gained juice is settled then fermented in oak barrels. Following the fermentation process the wine is bottled early to preserve the fresh crisp fruity aroma, and the distinctive Muscat flavor as much as possible.
Wine details: Alcohol: 13,5% vol Sugar: 3 g/l Acid: 5 g/l Extract: 23

The intense Muscat flavor occurs in the aroma, while the taste of white flowers and peaches are also perceptible. Owing to the mature, healthy and thick grapes the body and alcohol of the wine is above medium. Due to the lively acidity and intense aroma it is a fresh fruity wine.


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